Free Planning

It can be difficult to design your own kitchen. Kitchen planning by sketching ideas for their new kitchen can be a daunting process – most don’t know where to start.

Well, at The Kitchen Depot we have some very good news for everyone; we’ve made it incredibly easy for you to design your own kitchen.

There are two simple ways to go about kitchen planning; firstly, you can take some measurements of your kitchen before you set out to visit our showroom (don’t worry if your measurements aren’t 100% accurate – our surveyor will double-check your estimates before a board is cut). Then, later in our showroom, one of our skilled designers will translate your sketch into an incredible CAD (Computer-Aided Design) impression on-screen of what your dream kitchen will look like, enabling you to make changes and suggestions as the image develops.

Free Design Advice

Alternatively, you can easily book an appointment at no cost and without commitment. One of our designers can call at your home and discuss the design for your own kitchen in person. Nothing could be easier.

So what are you waiting for? Design your own kitchen and see your creation come to life!

Contact your local branch today to find out more.