Rustic meal of haggis, neeps and tatties served with a tumbler of whisky to celebrate Robert Burns Supper in a high angle view


How to Have A Braw Burns Night Supper

25 January 2022

Every year, Scots around the world celebrate the life and works of Robert Burns. Widely regarded as the National poet of Scotland, Burns legacy lives on over 200 years after his passing through this momentous evening.

If you’re planning on celebrating Burns night, then follow our guide on how to have a braw night.

Burns Night 2023

Dressing & Theme

A great way to enhance your Burns night experience and make it feel special is through dressing your table with a few traditional touches. Maybe a splash of tartan, a candle and your best cutlery set. You can also create an oh so Scottish  atmosphere by playing some traditional Scottish music or even just your favourite Scottish musicians if you prefer.

Burns night is a great excuse to show off your new kitchen and dining area if you’re planning on spending this January 25th with friends and family. Hosting this occasion is always fun, so relax, enjoy it and soak up the atmosphere.

Burns Night tableware with wine glasses

Burns Night 2023

Prepare Traditional Dishes

The key element in creating a Burns night supper to impress is of course showcasing the best of Scottish food. It is a long-standing tradition to serve Haggis, Neeps & Tatties as your main meal. Burn’s himself wrote a poem named “Address to a Haggis’ so the dish is seen as a homage to Robbie Burns himself. While the accompanying “Neeps and Tatties’ refers to turnip and potatoes that are usually served mashed on top of the haggis in a neat stack. However, don’t get bogged down with presentation and have the famous meal your way.

Haggis, neeps and tatties stack (haggis with turnips and potatoes) with whisky sauce - traditional Scottish dish for Burns Night

You can make more of the evening by serving your own starters and desserts. If you wish to stay true to the theme, then serve some staples of Scottish cuisine. For your starter, you can’t go wrong with a wholesome soup. For example, a scotch broth or cock-a-leekie soup. As for desserts, why not try your hand at making the trifle like the Scottish dessert called Cranachan. Follow this recipe so you can perfect your dessert. Alternatively, it is popular nowadays for restaurants to serve a Scottish tablet sundae. It’s a delight that will hit the spot for anyone with a sweet tooth- impress guests and show off your skills in the dessert department.

Cranachan for Robert Burns Night

Burns Night 2023

Accompanying Drinks

Scotland has a rich history of making some of the finest alcoholic beverages the world has to offer. Take advantage of the natural selection of whiskies and beers available to make your experience this Burns night that little bit more special. As for the designated drivers and children out there, there is always a Scotland’s favourite ginger fizzy friend or of course our proud fresh Scottish water is literally on tap.

Whisky in a glass on tartan table cloth

Burns Night 2023


No Burns night would be complete without reciting a few of his most famous words. Traditionally, the host would perform “Selkirk Grace’ and “Address to a Haggis’ before eating with a few other caveats. Later, a rendition of “Auld Lang Syne’ is a notably appropriate way to end the night. However, don’t feel the need to adhere to these traditions in 2022. You and your guests can take it in turn to recite one of their favourite Burn’s poems. If you have plenty of room and guests, why not clear some space and take part in some traditional Scottish dancing.

A group of people talking in the kitchen burns night 2023