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Create your kitchen plan using our online kitchen planner and free kitchen design tool.

The 3D Design Software creates beautiful kitchen images and is super simple to use. Visualise your kitchen design and plan your layout easily.

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How to use our kitchen design tool

Kickstart your kitchen planning by having lots of fun and getting creative with your very own DIY kitchen planner.

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Choose your kitchen style

Modern or Traditional

Choose your preferred door style

We have a wide range to choose from.  Slab / J-Handle / Shaker

Choose the décor and colour options

Here you can select the colour or décor you would like your doors to be and if you would like to see the doors with handles or in a handleless style on your finished kitchen layout.

Room Changes

You can change the colour of the walls and flooring style to match your style and taste easily with this kitchen visualiser.

Save and send

Save your visuals and send them to your designer ahead of your appointment or print them off and bring them with you. Your kitchen designer will use the visuals and your measurements as a starting point for your design. They will offer advice and create numerous visuals and floor layouts with you in your design appointment using our CAD software.
Be sure to bring your very own kitchen design along to share your ideas and talk through your new kitchen.