Hartford handleless graphite grey shaker kitchen made by The Kitchen Depot front view with dining table. Dark colour pallettes

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Our Expert Guide To Kitchen Lighting Solutions

29 February 2024

The right lighting can take your kitchen from a perfectly functional space to a stylish environment that will be the envy of your friends and family.

Lighting Types

Before settling on a lighting solution for your kitchen, it’s important to consider the three main objectives of your light sources.

This term refers to the general level of lighting illuminating the room. It should provide a level of brightness that is comfortable – not too dull or harsh.

This type of lighting is all about aiding the functionality of your space. Cooking, preparing meals, and even cleaning require maximum visibility.

Accent lighting is designed to draw attention to certain areas of your design. This is a great way to highlight features such as a showstopping kitchen island.


Lighting Placements

The positioning of your lighting fixtures is key to the overall design of your kitchen space. Where you place your kitchen units, other furniture, and accessories are all affected by your source of lighting.

Introducing stylish lighting to your cabinets is a modern solution. Under-cabinet lighting in particular is a popular option that cab easily elevate your design. Not only does it highlight your features but it makes your kitchen appear more refined and stand out in the evenings.

Open shelving, like the one pictured by YouK, can be a creative way for individuals to tackle their storage needs. Home owners often take the opportunity to dress their shelving artistically. Implementing lighting is a great way to highlight the contents and further illuminate your kitchen.

Integrating lighting into your plinths is another great way to highlight your cabinet design and add a touch of luxury.

Alana Graphite & Light Grey shaker kitchen made by The Kitchen Depot dimly lit to showcasing lighting

Lighting Styles

When deciding on the kitchen lighting suitable for your new design, you may consider a variety of executions. Here are the three main styles of lighting to consider.

Pendant lighting is on trend, with so many style conscious home owners opting for this style of hanging light. Typically positioned above kitchen islands or dining tables, pendant lighting can help bridge the gap between high ceilings and your furniture. With so many ways of executing, this is another perfect way to inject your personality into your kitchen design.

LED lighting in used particular well in the aforementioned under-cabinet, shelving and plinth placements. This cost-effective solution can give your kitchen a lovely glow while also providing task lighting in key working areas. Their durability and extended run time make them a no brainer for those seeking sophistication on a budget.

For those seeking to make a statement in their kitchen with an eye-catching focal point then no look no further. Chandelier lighting in particular is an excellent showpiece in a larger environment. Like pendant lighting, chandeliers are ideally situated in the centre of the room, above a island or dining area, giving you maximum coverage.