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The Making Of Our Advert 2022

31 January 2022

On the 24th of January 2022, we launched our brand new advertising campaign “With a kitchen so beautiful, you’ll find any excuse to show it off.” This was of course spearheaded by our incredible new television advert.

Follow our journey to find exactly how we created our set to look just like a real home’s kitchen and behind the scenes pictures from the day we filmed our fantastic ad.

At the start of the project, walls were erected and the flooring was laid.

Cabinets and the island were then assembled, while the walls were smoothed and painted.
After the doors were fitted, all that was left was the worktops to be installed courtesy of Rocca and a few homely touches.

The finished Linea Matte Indigo kitchen looked fantastic.

We then got set up and ready to begin filming our new advert.

Advert Set Up - Camera

And……. Action!
Advert Take
We made sure to get all the right angles.
Highlighting some of the exciting features of our Linea range.
Woman looking in to kitchen pull out in an indigo matte kitchen from the any excuse campaign by the kitchen depot
Thats a wrap! A great effort from everyone involved across The Kitchen Depot, Bauer Media

creative and marketing advert

….Arteus, and the wonderful film crew for making our vision a reality.

production advert

You can watch our incredible new advert in all its glory below.

If you want a kitchen that you’ll find any excuse to show off then book a free, no obligation design appointment at your local Kitchen Depot showroom.

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