6 Reasons Handleless Kitchens Are So Popular

10 April 2023

Handleless kitchens have grown in popularity over the years as more and more homeowners are looking to modernise their interior. Here are the 6 reasons they have become so popular.


Uncluttered Design

As suggested by the name, handleless kitchens feature no handles on the cabinets, cupboards, or drawers. This helps create the clean, uncluttered environment that is desired when designing a modern interior.

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Choice of Door Styles

You can achieve the handleless look regardless of your taste in kitchen door styles.

A J-handle door features a built in J shaped curve for you pull cabinet doors open with.

True handleless designs on the other hand, have no built-in handle and require the installation of a rail behind the door or drawer to create the space necessary for positioning your hand to open with.

You can also have a handleless design with a classic shaker style door to help achieve the perfect combination of modern and traditional. Find out more about our Handleless Shaker Kitchens.

Hartford handleless Heritage Green shaker door by the The Kitchen Depot featuring a modern white island


Aesthetically Pleasing

Handleless kitchens are undeniably beautiful. The sleek, streamlined look you achieve through this kitchen style appeals to all lovers of contemporary aesthetics. Smooth surfaces with uninterrupted clean lines also express an element of sophistication and highlight your refined style.

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Space Saving

Don’t underestimate the impact removing handles from kitchen cabinetry has on the space of your room. You no longer will have to worry about bumping into handles as you navigate throughout your kitchen for starters. If you’re creating an open-plan kitchen, handleless doors allows for more fluidity and creates the illusion of having more space.



Safer and More Hygienic

Handleless kitchens are arguably safer and more hygienic.

You can avoid annoyingly snagging your clothes on handles and remove the hazard of children running into them and injuring themselves in this environment

Kitchen door handles can easily accrue dirt, grime, and bacteria over time – particularly in busy households Handleless designs have less place for the particles to hide, making it a cleaner environment for all.



Future Proof

Handleless kitchens here to stay, so you won’t have to worry about your design looking outdated in a few years. Handles are often an indicator of your kitchens age as well so going handleless will ensure you aren’t falling behind with the times.

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