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8 Kitchen Design Trends In 2022

10 January 2022

When designing a new kitchen, you may not only consider practicality and door style. A kitchen after all is a long-term commitment. If you’re interested in updating your interior with the latest style, but not really sure of what’s on trend, we’re here to help and inspire you with new ideas.

We’ve pulled together a handy list of our top Kitchen Design Trends and recommendations to create a beautiful on trend kitchen in 2022.


Minimalist Design

There isn’t anything that reflects modern design quite like a sleek, streamlined and clutter-free kitchen. Taking the less is more approach involves removing unnecessary features that clutter your space or are intrusive on the overall design. This includes handleless doors, simple colour choices, and hiding appliances along with other thing you can usually find in the kitchen i.e., food, boxes, tins, bottles etc. We have an extensive range of Contemporary designs that are perfect for anyone who is a fan of minimalism.



Marble Surfaces

Marble is always a popular choice in modern kitchens. This is no different in 2022. Marble surfaces complement both stunning modern and traditional kitchen cabinets, particularly when featured on a statement kitchen island. However, do not worry if you don’t have the space for an island, marble can be utilised on worktops, splashbacks or even on shelving.

Pink & Blue Modern Shaker Kitchen Madison Range


Green Colour Palettes

As discussed in our recent Green Kitchen Trend article, there are so many shades of green being used in kitchen design at the moment. If you enjoy nature influenced earthy designs or bright citrus inspired colour palettes, then you will find yourself considering adding a splash of greenery into your home. With more and more people jumping on the bandwagon, green kitchens will continue to surge in popularity throughout 2022.



Modern x Traditional

Sometimes it isn’t as simple as choosing either a contemporary or a traditional kitchen. Many people often opt for infusing the two to receive the benefits of both. Taking all the charm and character of the traditional kitchen and incorporating the practical and stylish elements of a more modern design can often be the perfect compromise for you. Explore our range of Modern Classic kitchens for some inspiration now.

Right side angle of Kendal shaker kitchen in Indigo, made by The Kitchen Depot


Smart Appliances

The future is now with more integrated technology available for your kitchen than ever before. Smart kitchen appliances come in many forms. The biggest recent trend is incorporating smart taps that can dispense boiling, chilled, filtered and even sparkling water on demand. Effectively rendering your kettle useless, it’s a great way to save time and de-clutter your surfaces. The future products to watch out for include fridges that can re-order your products when you run out and ovens that can automatically adjust their temperature to make your life more carefree.



Incorporated Home Office

For nearly 2 years now, working from home is something that nearly all of us have had to experience at one point or another. Whether it’s your job or studying, not everyone has the space required in their rooms or living area to cope. However, kitchen designers can now effectively incorporate neat solutions into areas of your kitchen that can be concealed so that the functionality of your kitchen is still intact. Find out more about this in our Creating a Home Office in your Kitchen blog.

Linea Light grey home office with computer and books


Subtle Storage Solutions

Incorporating clear surfaces and consistent style across all facets of your kitchen is key in a modern kitchen. Therefore, designing your kitchen with subtle storage solutions are vital to achieving this look. Hide appliances such as your fridge or dishwasher behind your kitchen doors to maintain a streamlined look. You can also keep the contents of your cupboards hidden from sight with a stylish Tall Gate Larder. A contemporary storage solution that builds upwards, maximising your space from floor to ceiling, these are a standard feature of our incredible Linea range we launched just last year, and we expect its popularity to continue into 2022. Discover Linea now for the latest in modern kitchen design.

Linea Handleless kitchen in Matte Black


Dual Tone Design

An alternative design trend we expect to play a big role in 2022 is dual-tone kitchens. Having two complementary colours can really make your kitchen stand out and can create the illusion of space. You can even draw attention to certain areas and create a focal point in your kitchen by designing your island for example to be a different colour from the rest of your doors.

Hartford handleless shaker kitchen door, showcased in a beautiful kitchen design using Slate Blue and Citrus Green paint to order colour options. Designed by The Kitchen Depot.