Christmas Kitchen Crockery with tree in the background


How to Decorate Your Kitchen & Dining Room For Christmas

10 December 2023

With so much focus directed at making sure your living space is set for the festive season, we can forget that your kitchen and dining area are among the busiest locations over the Christmas period. Cooking, eating and entertaining all take place here over the upcoming weeks. Therefore, it’s important to make sure the decor maintains the same level of Christmas spirit.

Here are a few Christmas decoration ideas on how to get your Kitchen and Dining areas ready for the big day.

Christmas Colours

Utilise Seasonal Colour Palettes

Christmas has a variety of colours you can use to decorate your home in a way that suits your style. Red and Greens are bold and represent the traditional, fun side of Christmas. White and Gold, on the other hand, are also appropriate for the season and are more suitable for those who wish to take a more elegant approach to preparing their home for December 25th. For example, If you already have an incredible white kitchen then you may opt to decorate using a subtle winter wonderland theme rather than force stronger colours into the mix.

A kitchen decorated with Christmas lights and tree

Christmas Decorations

Introduce Touches Of Greenery

Simple yet effective, incorporating some greenery into your kitchen and dining area can really help bring a little bit more festive magic. Consider hanging a few wreaths across your cupboards or perhaps hang garland around your worktops or on your dining table for example. If you are looking for even more of a Christmas influence, and you have the space, then why not set up another tree? Take it one step further and opt for trendy green décors when redesigning your kitchen. Browse our many styles of green kitchens today.

A Christmas Kitchen with tree in the background

Christmas Crockery

Invest In Christmas Crockery

If you don’t already own a special Christmas dining-ware then why not pick out a festive set that will add that little bit extra to your family’s dinner on December 25th. Before it is even utilised for its intended purpose, crockery can lend itself to creating a beautiful Christmas dining table spread. If you have plenty to go round then why not proudly display your dining set in your kitchen as an extra Christmas decoration.

Christmas Kitchen Crockery with tree in the background

Christmas Scents

The Scent Of The Season

Although your main use for the kitchen on Christmas is to cook a glorious meal that will smell so enticing that will make family and friends mouths water, you may also consider adding some extra seasonal scents. The most effective way to do this is my lighting a couple of festive fragranced candles. Before you even put the turkey in the oven the kitchen will fill up with Christmas aromas such as gingerbread, cinnamon, cranberry and pomegranate.

A red candle lit in a cosy living area