Cabinet Care & Maintenance

Cabinet Care and Maintenance


Care and maintenence

Cabinet and drawer interiors only need a wipe over with a general household cleaner, stubborn blemishes can be cleaned with mild grit cleaner i.e. ‘CIF’. 

Please ensure that you do not ‘flood the edges’ with excess water.

Drawer runners

Don’t require oiling but may need minor adjustments from time to time.

Internally fitted bins

Clean with a cloth, using household cleaner or bleach and wipe dry with a cloth. 

Never overfill the bin as overloading it may cause damage to the mechanisms. Be sure not to exceed maximum storage weights and cause damage to the lid when opening and closing units.

Internal storage solutions

Overloading shelves and baskets will cause damage to the mechanisms and unit, please do not exceed maximum storage weights. Wipe with a lightly damp cloth to keep clean and dust free.