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Soft, Stylish Cashmere Kitchen Designs For Your Home

15 March 2024

Cashmere is excellent choice of décor for those seeking warmth and comfort from their interior while remaining remarkably stylish. Browse some of our favourite Cashmere Kitchen Designs today.

Cashmere Shaker Kitchen


Our ever so popular Kendal door features prominent V-grooves that bring a contemporary twist to the original shaker style door. This classic Cashmere designs offers everything you would ever need. Touches of greenery brighten an already light environment and add character.

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The Kendal Cashmere shaker kitchen made by The Kitchen Depot

Cashmere & White Handleless Kitchen

Zara Matte

The Zara Handleless Matte door is the perfect accompaniment for designing a sleek and spacious kitchen with a true handleless finish. A standout from our selection of Cashmere kitchen designs, this interior is aspirational with smooth clean lines and unique lighting for all occasions.

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Cashmere & Graphite Shaker Kitchen


The Madison shaker door is the perfect combination of functionality and chic style. The pairing of Cashmere with an unmistakably modern Graphite Grey island helps creates a space that looks simply fabulous. While pendant lighting and stylish dining stools add a particularly contemporary edge to this kitchen.

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Madison Cashmere shaker kitchen with Graphite Grey island and modern seating, made by The Kitchen Depot

Cashmere Matte Kitchen

Sienna Matte

Sienna Matte’s silky, durable, and blemish-free finish offers a touch of elegance and trendiness without compromising on the demand for practicality. A truly outstanding Cashmere design with our signature J-handle door, offering a handleless finish without the need to install rails.

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Porcelain & Cashmere Shaker Kitchen


Our narrow framed shaker door, Alana, highlights how effective Cashmere décor is when paired with Porcelain. Sophisticated and refined, this style is perfect for those seeking a blend of modern and traditional design elements. Touches of oak and open shelving help make this kitchen more inviting and family oriented while still remaining stylish.

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Alana Kitchen door in Porcelain and Cashmere is showcased in this kitchen design, showing the doors in a kitchen design created by The Kitchen Depot

Cashmere Gloss Kitchen

Sienna Gloss

Sienna Gloss is simply sophisticated, modern and adaptable with the option to add internal and external curves to your high-end kitchen. This Cashmere design makes a statement in any home with a stunning and impeccable mirror-like finish. Dark worktops and mood inducing lighting really stress the contemporary nature of this design.

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