Hartford handleless Heritage Green shaker door by the The Kitchen Depot featuring a modern white island


The 5 Biggest and Best Kitchen Design Trends in 2023

12 January 2023

In 2023, the kitchen is much more than a practical space to carry out the mundane tasks of day-to-day life. The Kitchen can now be a canvas for you to express your personality through design and decoration. It can be a social hub for friends and family to be thoroughly entertained in. And of course, in the social media age, it can be the perfect setting for your next Instagram post or even feature in your latest TikTok.

With all this in mind, we have identified 5 of the biggest and best kitchen design trends in 2023.


Green Colour Palettes

Last year we predicted that green was going to make a big splash in 2022, and guess what? It’s not going away anytime soon. Shades such as Sage Green, Reed Green and Heritage Green are among some of our most popular décors at the moment, with homes up and down the country looking to bring rich, earthy tones into their kitchen. Green is a particularly effective choice of décor in shaker kitchens. Discover some of our favourite green designs now.

Alana Heritage Green shaker kitchen by The Kitchen Depot with seating area and wooden dining table. Kitchen Trends 2023.


Handy Hidden Pantries

Opening a set of kitchen doors into well-organised pantry is one the most satisfying features of modern kitchen design, and it has even become a trend on social media platforms. Other than being an incredible aesthetic, a pantry offers so much practically as a storage solution with easy access to the contents. If you have the space, then you could even incorporate a luxurious walk-in butler pantry. This is truly one of our favourite kitchen design trends in 2023.

Kitchen Trends 2023. Clara Heritage Green Pantry.


Social Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island has always been a desirable feature for most homeowners. Not only are they an incredibly stylish addition to the room but they also improve the functionality of your kitchen by offering increased worktop space, storage, and a home for some appliances. In 2023, we believe islands will be utilised as hub for more social engagements as the purpose of kitchen continues to evolve. Therefore, we expect an increase in islands with seating along with features such as a built in wine fridge to ensure you really are the host with the most.

Linea Modern Kitchen in Cashmere and Pewter Oak. Kitchen Trends 2023.


Smart Kitchen Appliances

In recent years, many of us have adapted our homes with the latest technology to make our lives just that little bit easier. From doorbell cameras to regulating your heating from your smartphone, smart appliances have certainly made themselves at home. In the kitchen, the biggest modern appliance integration is smart taps that can dispense boiling, chilled, filtered and even sparkling water on demand. Learn more about Quooker hot taps here. You can also look forward to fridges that can re-order your products when you run out and ovens that can automatically adjust their temperature to make your life more carefree in the near future.



Eco-Friendly Materials

Finally, in 2023, consumers are now more socially and environmentally responsible. Therefore, they will be considering the sourcing and sustainability of the products used to make their new kitchen. You could say that “Green Kitchens” are on trend in more ways than one. The Kitchen Depot works closely with Egger to ensure raw materials are sustainably sourced from PEFC and FSC accredited forests. All boards are 100% recyclable and carbon negative. You can find out more about our sustainable business practices here.