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Quooker “The Boiling-Water Tap”

19 July 2022

The Kitchen Depot is proud to partner with Quooker to offer our customers their high-quality products to complement their incredible new kitchens.

Why Choose Quooker?

Quooker manufacture smart kitchen taps that dispense water on command. They are very cost effective with a standby usage cost of 3p per day and completely safe to use. The taps are supported by a tank that sits underneath your worktops.


Which Tank Do I Need?

For the majority of households, the PRO3 will be suitable with a 3-litre volume while large families or semi-professional cooks may be interested in the 7 litre PRO7. Meanwhile, the COMBI delivers instantaneous hot (50-60°C) and boiling water all from a single tank under the sink. All 3 are capable of providing 100°C instant boiling water.


Which Tap Is Right For Me?

Choose from the Flex, Fusion, or Nordic range. The Flex tap features a handy, flexible pull-out hose and can dispense 100° boiling, hot and cold water. Available in five finishes, the Fusion can dispense everything from the one tap. On the other hand, a more traditional, country style kitchen will be more suited to the Classic Fusion tap that is available in 4 finishes. They can also all combine with the Quooker CUBE for chilled and sparkling water.


What If I Want More Than One?

You can also combine your tap with the Nordic boiling water tap from the Twintaps series. Nordic Twintaps, available in round or square design, consist of two taps in the same design. A mixer tap for hot and cold along with a Quooker tap for boiling water. This can also be combined with the Quooker CUBE.