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Why Choose A Dual Tone Kitchen?

16 November 2021

If you’re considering refreshing your kitchen with an incredible new stylish design, then you may entertain the idea of introducing dual tone units to your home.

Traditional kitchen design suggests that all your units match, however, two-tone kitchens have sparked a new way of thinking. Here are a few reasons you may consider installing dual tone units in your kitchen.

Aesthetic Appeal

The primary reason to utilise dual tone units in your kitchen is that it will look amazing. Having two complimentary colours can really make your kitchen stand out while maintaining its charm. You can really express your personality and style through using two tones in your kitchen design.


Illusion of Space

Not everyone has a sprawling kitchen that has more than enough space. More often than not, people wish to make the most of what space they have with appliances and storage solutions taking up lots of room. To make a small kitchen appear larger, use lighter coloured doors above with darker shades below. Your kitchen will also appear brighter thanks to the light reflecting in through the window.


Creates a Focal Point

A common troupe of designing a dual tone kitchen is to make a part of your kitchen the focal point. This section will be a different colour from the rest of your units, creating an eye-catching visual that pulls your whole kitchen together. It is common to design a kitchen island in a bold colour to contrast with much lighter doors.

Dual Tone Deep Heather and Viridian Kitchen

Adds Value

If the thought of selling your home in the near future is making you question if investing in a new kitchen is worth it, then consider that a dual tone kitchen can improve your property’s value. A brand-new kitchen, especially featuring stylish dual tone doors, will appeal to potential buyers who are searching for a house that’s ready to be moved in to right away.