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ZUMA: Sound & Light Reinvented

4 January 2024

Last week, we identified 2024s hottest kitchen trends. On our list was the integration of smart technology, that simplify your living, and ambient lighting. The latest technology from Zuma ticks both boxes.

What is Zuma?

Zuma is an immersive loudspeaker and a premium LED light, intelligently paired inside a single spotlight in your ceiling. Wireless, virtually invisible, and an absolute breeze to install and use. This is smart home tech, finally made simple.

Zuma Square Supernova Proud | The Kitchen Depot

Why choose Zuma?

Zuma simplifies your home’s sound and lighting by placing both inside a single, recessed downlight. Once installed, Zuma wirelessly fills each room with stunning audio and naturally intuitive lighting – freeing you from cables, cluttered surfaces, and confusing tech. Zuma just works, and works brilliantly.

Zuma sound and light system in kitchen with woman using the app | The Kitchen Depot

Zuma products

Together, these two products are all you need to bring brilliantly smart, wireless sound and light to any room in your home

Where sound and light are one.

Zuma Lumisonic is an LED light and a HiFi speaker, intelligently paired inside a single downlight. Lumisonic wirelessly delivers beautiful lighting and immersive sound into any room in your home.

Intelligent lighting at its best.

Designed to work alongside Zuma Lumisonic, Luminaire delivers natural, tunable lighting throughout your home. Use Luminaire and Lumisonic together to create a brilliantly smart, simple sound and lighting system.

Zuma Master | The Kitchen Depot

Zuma at your fingertips

From the Zuma app, you can wirelessly connect and control multiple ‘zones’ in your home. Play music, adjust lighting, or unwind with our relaxing sound and lightscapes – all from your mobile device.

Zuma App in use | The Kitchen Depot