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6 Kitchen Design Trends You Need To Know In 2024

3 January 2024

Is 2024 the year you finally renovate your kitchen? Discover everything you need to know about this years six hottest kitchen design trends.


Nature Inspired

Last year, Green kitchen décor took off in a huge way. From light, calming tones such as sage Green to the rich, bold hues of Heritage Green, this diverse colour palette was thoroughly explored in 2023. In 2024, we expect this design trend to continue with a rise in kitchens inspired by nature. Alongside green cabinetry, we expect to see an increase in the use of indoor plants, floral arrangements, and natural materials across the likes of worktops, flooring etc. This design, courtesy of our Discovery range, highlights how to perfectly balance elements such as splashes of lavender and wood grain textures with Reed Green doors.

A discovery kitchen range is shown with Reed Green and Taupe units, wooden kitchen island and with shelving either side containing potted plants, cook books and lavender blankets. In the seating ares of the island between the shelving there are 2 reed green bar stools. Above the kitchen island are 3 lantern lights. The back units are Reed green and true handleless tall units with a stainless steel double oven placed in the middle of the units. To the left there is a wooden table with 4 white chairs with green cushions, behind here there are double glass doors in the garden where you can see some hedging and the grass. Just in front of the table is a cashmere couch with grey cushions and lavender flowers on top of the table as well as lavender pictures hanging on the wall to the left.


Communal Spaces

The evolution of the kitchens purpose marches on in 2024. This room has become a hub for socialising and consuming entertainment alongside traditional purposes such as cooking and dining. Therefore, when redesigning your kitchen, its important to consider the needs of your family. Thankfully, there is an array of stylish solutions to your communal space goals. Larger environments will support the implementation of a full dining area, while smaller rooms may look to utilise a breakfast bar to create their seating space.

Alana Heritage Green shaker kitchen by The Kitchen Depot with seating area and wooden dining table. Kitchen Trends 2023.


Smart Appliances

Technology is constantly changing how we navigate our lives on a day-to-day basis. In the home, this is no different. There is an incredible selection of smart integrations, ready made for your kitchen, available on the market today. Smart taps that can dispense boiling, chilled, filtered and even sparkling water on demand have certainly made an impact in recent years. Meanwhile, the latest advances in oven, hob, fridge etc.,  manufacturing are set to make your life much easier. Learn more about Quooker hot taps.



Streamlined Aesthetics

Our kitchen design experts are adamant that the minimalist trend is not going away anytime soon. More and more homeowners are seeking an uncluttered environment, that is not only functional but stylish as well. In 2024, you can expect to see more designs with streamlined, clean lines that are unmistakably contemporary. If this is what you desire, then make sure to consider integrated storage, hidden appliances, and stain resistant materials such as Quartz to ensure your modern aesthetic is maintained. Browse our LINEA collection for more ideas.



Midas Touch

Sleek modern or classic shaker? Beautifully bold or stylishly understated? These are some of the big questions you will tackle early on in the design process. When you finally have the answers, you can turn your attention to all the little touches that make your kitchen bespoke to you. Gold accessories are set to make a big splash in 2024, with more homeowners looking to add a touch of class to their kitchen. The popular combination of gold taps and handles easily elevate any design, regardless of style.

Georgina Pantry Shaker Kitchen Design by The Kitchen Depot with island and wood effect backlash behind hob


Ambient Lighting

The last of this years kitchen design trends is all about lighting. How you choose to illuminate your space is key to not only enhancing your aesthetics, but creating your desired atmosphere. Under cabinet lighting is perfect for creating a sense of ambience, giving off an inviting glow that is especially desirable during the dark winter nights. You may also consider looking at smart solutions such as the Lumisonic by ZUMA to seamlessly control both your lighting and sound. The perfect addition to a modern kitchen.