Mother's Day Toast salmon poached egg and avacado


Create The Perfect Mother’s Day Menu 2024

6 March 2024

Once a year when Mothering Sunday rolls around, we take the opportunity to thank and celebrate the special woman in our lives. Make Mother’s Day 2024 one to remember with our inspirational ideas on how to create the perfect menu for your Mum.

Mother’s Day

Breakfast In Bed

A great way to kick off Mother’s Day is with breakfast in bed. If you live with your parent(s) or are a significant other helping your children make their mum feel appreciated, then this is perfect for you.

Before you get started, ensure your breakfast won’t be ready too early. Remember that Mother’s Day is a chance for your mum to relax and a nice lie in certainly goes along way towards that. When deciding what to make, you can keep it simple and play to your strengths. Consider not only what your mother/partner likes but also what is easy enough to eat while sitting in bed. If you are looking for some inspiration, then follow this recipe to make something extra special.

Mother's Day Toast salmon poached egg and avacado

Mother’s Day

A Sweet Treat

Mother’s Day doesn’t end after breakfast, so it’s important to keep producing surprises. This is a great way to really show your sweet side. Pun intended.

Your options are unlimited when it comes to baking so make sure you know what the lady of the hour’s favourite baked good is. Is it a cake, a biscuit, or a pastry? Whatever choice you make, it’s easy to find a wide variety of simple recipes online. Here are some of our favourites.

Stack of Mother's day pancakes with raspberries

Mother’s Day

The Sunday Speciality

If you really want to impress, why not take on the challenge of cooking the Sunday Roast this Mother’s Day. Cooking this meal is always such a big task for anyone who takes responsibility for cooking it.

If you aren’t a regular Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, then it’s best to stick to the basics. A roast chicken accompanied by some of her favourite seasonal vegetables and potatoes is always a winner. You can even spruce it up with some extra herbs, spices, and a creamy sauce. If you have more experience, then you can push the boat out and attempt some incredible dishes. Here are some interesting ideas you can try.