Alana Graphite & Light Grey shaker kitchen made by The Kitchen Depot featuring marble kitchen island and two tone design

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Discover Our Kitchen Island Ideas For Kitchens of All Sizes – Big or Small!

20 June 2023

Kitchen Islands are often the envy of those who don’t yet have one in their home. People often cite lack of space as a reason why they can’t install their dream island. Thankfully, we have put together the following list of kitchen island ideas for kitchens of all sizes. 

Dual Tone Design

An island is great place to add a splash of colour to your kitchen. Creating a dual tone design with a kitchen island as the focal point is very on trend. Not only does it add a lot of aesthetic appeal, but it also creates the illusion of space. Combining light tones on wall cabinetry with a bold coloured island is the best way to achieve this result.

Alana Deep Heather and Light Grey shaker kitchen design by The Kitchen Depot in open plan room with island

Seating Solutions

Incorporating seating into your kitchen island design is perfect way to turn your space into a social hub. Whether you utilise it as breakfast pitstop or for a relaxing conversation with a bottle of wine, island seating will transform the way you see your kitchen. In terms of design, you can choose the style that’s suitable to your needs i.e., dining chairs, bar stools etc.


Waterfall Edge

One of the most stylish things you can do with a kitchen island is create a waterfall effect with your worktop spilling over the edges and down the side of your cabinetry. Not only is do they look incredible, but they are a practical solution too as they can prevent damage to your cabinets underneath. Waterfall edges also are commonly easy to clean, and the lack of sharp points make it ideal for families with small children.

Alana Graphite & Light Grey shaker kitchen made by The Kitchen Depot featuring marble kitchen island and two tone design

Modern Accessories

Another great way to style your kitchen island is by installing the latest, must have accessories. Pendant lighting fixtures are becoming an increasingly popular feature in modern kitchens. With all that free space between your island worktop and ceiling, it would be silly not to take the opportunity to further enhance your design. The addition of an integrated wine fridge is also becoming more and more popular. See our recent article on wine fridges for more information.


Dining Table Expansion

Our next kitchen island idea may only be suitable for a select few. If you have a bigger kitchen space, you could extend your island into a bespoke dining table. As previously discussed, the addition of seating can turn your kitchen into a more social space. You can take this one step further with addition of a full dining area for the whole family to enjoy.

LINEA Matte White & Natural Halifax Oak splash backs and worktop - The Kitchen Depot

Peninsula Alternative

The last of our kitchen island ideas is one for the more space conscious homeowner. If simply cannot fit a freestanding kitchen island into your design, then a Peninsula may be a good compromise. A peninsula extends out from an existing countertop or wall creating a wall between your living space and cooking area. The addition of the aforementioned seating solutions gives you all the functionality of a kitchen island.