Do You Need A Wine Fridge? Yes! Here’s Why

9 May 2023

Wine fridges are fast becoming a must have appliance in modern kitchens. Not only do they serve an important purpose, but they also are incredibly stylish and can elevate your design. Whether you’re a connoisseur or just inclined to have an occasional glass with dinner, a wine fridge would make the perfect addition to your kitchen.

If you’re still not convinced, then explore the benefits of adding a wine fridge to your new kitchen. 

Temperature Control

Keeping Your Wine Cool

The most obvious reason as to why you need a wine fridge is that this beverage is suited to being stored at particular temperatures. Warmer climates can cause your wine to age poorly and develop an unpleasant taste. If your wine is stored in an environment that is too cold, then it could freeze and lose its flavour as well. Wine fridges, on the other hand, can store your bottles at the perfect temperature.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why can’t I just store it in the refrigerator?” Although you may be able to adjust the temperature of your standard fridge, the constant opening and closing can allow unwanted warm air into the appliance. You may also find that the other contents of your fridge have different optimal temperatures to consider as well.

Hartford handleless graphite grey shaker kitchen made by The Kitchen Depot cabinets with wine fridge

Safe and Secure

Protecting Your Wine

Wine fridges can also protect your wine from multiple risk factors. Unlike your standard refrigerator, wine fridges are built specifically to house your bottles. When you try fitting wine bottles into your fridge you run the risk of damaging the bottles through squeezing them into unhospitable areas or knocking them to the floor when you pull out other produce.

Sunlight can also affect the quality of your wine collection, with its UV rays causing detrimental damage. Leaving your wine in contact with too much sunlight can cause not only the appearance of your wine to change but also the flavours, aromas etc. Typically, wine fridges protect your bottles from sunlight by utilising tinted or UV-treated glass doors.

Clara Heritage Green & Porcelain kitchen with a wine fridge

On Trend

Style And Versatility

As previously mentioned, wine fridges can be an extremely stylish accessory to have in your kitchen. No matter your style, you will be able to find a wine fridge that perfectly complements your design. The addition of a wine fridge is also a great statement piece for your kitchen and is ideal for showcasing your collection.

Wine fridges are very versatile in the sense that they can accommodate to your space. With built-in and fully integrated options available, they can seamlessly fit alongside your kitchen cabinets, islands, and breakfast bars. This helps retain the sleek, modern feel in your kitchen. Wine fridges, depending on their size, can also be used to store other products you think will be better suited to its environment.

Darwin shaker kitchen in graphite with a wine fridge

Our Partner

Introducing Caple

If you have been convinced that a wine cooler is essential to your home, then let us introduce you to Caple. They have just the thing for the wine lover who wants to keep things cool in more ways that one: wine fridges that fit perfectly into any kitchen. Whether you are looking a freestanding unit, an integrated appliance or an undercounter cooler, Caple has the wine fridge for you.

The Kitchen Depot are proud to work closely with Caple to provide our valued customers with high quality kitchen appliances. Visit your local showroom and see their incredible products for yourself.

Caple wine fridge