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Find Your Perfect Kitchen Sink

19 May 2022

No kitchen is complete without a sink to clean dishes, food, and your hands when cooking. However, in 2022, they are more than just a practical appliance. Sinks play an important part in bringing your kitchen together now with so many styles available across modern and traditional designs.

Here is everything you need to consider when choosing your perfect kitchen sink.

Which Sink Mount Is Right For You?

The Mount

There are 3 main types of sink mounts.

The most common type of mount you’ll find in households is the Inset bowl. Easy to install and versatile, this type of installation is compatible with a variety of surface materials and often features a built-in drainer. It can also be referred to as a top-mount or drop-in sink.

Alternatively, an Undermount model aids the creation of a streamlined kitchen. Sitting below the surface, it is important to pair with a non-porous surface material to avoid water damage and can bear the weight of sink contents.

Pictured is a fantastic Belfast mounted fixture that fits smoothly into the surface of our Georgina Deep Forest design. This is easily a statement piece in any traditional kitchen.


What Size Of Sink Bowl Do You Need?

The Bowl

Another thing you should consider is the type of bowl you require. There are once again 3 main solutions to choose from.

The Single bowl makes best use of the space you have available and offers a very minimalistic look. Not only are they useful for scrubbing larger dishes but the Single bowl is also much more simple and quicker to clean than other bowl sizes.

The 1.5 bowl on the other hand gives you an additional space for washing more items when your main bowl is full.

If you require even more space, then the Double bowl is possibly the solution for you. Ideal for large families and/or avid cooks, this sink features two large bowls that can be used for preparing food, washing dishes, and separating clean and dirty water.


Which Sink Material Meets Your Needs?

The Material

When selecting a sink to go with your brand-new kitchen, it is also important to consider the different materials they can be made from.

Stainless Steel is a popular choice here in the UK as it can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. They are also very manageable as they don’t rust or corrode easily.

Ceramic sinks are staples of traditional kitchens. Durable and long-lasting, this sink is as easy to clean as a Stainless Steel but with the added resistance to heat, scratches, and stains.

The matte style Granite Composite sink on the other hand, is perfect for modern kitchens. Heat resistant and immune to pesky scratches, this luxury product is capable of lasting for years. If this appears to be out with your price range though, then a quartz and acrylic Composite sink can be a more affordable option that also offers a high level of damage protection.

Sienna Graphite Kitchen showcasing modern metallic sink

Which Sink Colour Goes Well With Your Design?

The Colour

To coordinate with the rest of your new kitchen design, it is necessary to pick a complimentary colour of sink.

White sinks are very common in households as they can easily look at home in multiple kitchen styles. They also help create a very bright, clean, and hospitable area for the whole family to enjoy.

It is also common for people to opt for a Silver sink, particularly if you are looking at a Stainless Steel solution.

It is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners to utilise Grey or Black sinks to coordinate with more sophisticated designs. With a Grey sink, you can either soften a kitchen with darker colour palettes or achieve a more elegant design by pairing with lighter tones. A Black sink on the other hand, is bold and draws the focus of a room. This contemporary style of sink is also very practical as it hides marks and stains easily compared to other finishes.


The Kitchen Depot’s Official Sink Partner

Blanco Sinks

The Kitchen Depot proudly works with Blanco to provide our customers with high-quality sink and tap options. Their products are carefully designed and thoughtfully crafted. Book a free design consultation at your local showroom today and our experts can introduce you to the right sink for your new kitchen.

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