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Maximise Your Space With A Single Wall Kitchen

20 May 2024

A single wall kitchen is a great way to maximise space, particularly when space is limited and your budget is modest. Popular in both small and large spaces, single wall kitchens allow you to create an environment for cooking and food preparation with everything at your fingertips in a condensed area. This frees up floor space for other key features that suit your lifestyle.


One of the key incentives you may find to designing a single wall kitchen is the low cost. With a simple design that requires less units, cabinetry, doors etc. you will find that the price of your kitchen furniture will be more affordable than other popular kitchen layouts. With these savings, you can add value to your interior in other places such as worktops, flooring, appliances etc. Alternatively, you may find this will just allow you to achieve that much needed kitchen renovation you’ve been saving for.

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Space Saving

The biggest draw of designing and installing a single wall kitchen is without doubt the space you will save. In smaller kitchens, a single wall design is often a necessity, while homeowners with medium to large kitchen areas may choose this design to achieve an open plan environment. A carefully considered single wall kitchen will ensure to encompass your key work stations i.e, cooker, refrigerator etc. all along the one wall. This will allow for the implementation of features such as a kitchen island, dining area, extra living space or all the above.


Quick Installation

When you design a single wall kitchen, you will of course benefit from quicker installation times. For starters, single wall kitchens are much simpler to design with less considerations for you to mull over. During the kitchen renovation process, you may be left without a working kitchen for a small period of time. Although necessary, this can cause disruption to your home life and off set your routines. Thankfully, installing this kind of kitchen is faster as well as being cheaper, meaning you can start enjoying your fantastic new space sooner rather than later.


Easily Maintainable

Another key benefit to installing a smart single wall design is how easy they are to keep clean and maintain. Expansive kitchens with vast storage and an array of features are amazing (you won’t get any arguments from us) but they do require a lot of upkeep. If your lifestyle doesn’t allow for a great deal of time for cleaning, then this layout makes perfect sense. Whether you run a busy family household or a working professional who is partial to working long hours, opting for a kitchen style that requires less maintenance can make your life easier.

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Design Tips

If you think a single wall kitchen is suitable for your home, then make sure to follow our top design tips.

A minimalist approach is recommended for tackling a kitchen design that is limited in space. Opting for a handleless, slab style door can make your room appear less crowded and is easier to maintain.

It is very important to maximise the natural lighting entering your room in space like this. Avoid obstructing windows and doors where the sun can enter to make your kitchen feel more spacious.

A potential draw back of this kitchen layout is a perceived lack of storage. You can make a single wall work for your lifestyle by incorporating an array of stylish solutions such as tall gate larders, internal drawers etc.

Worktop space may also be limited in a single wall design. That means it’s essential to invest in smart accessories that free up room. For example, implementing a Quooker tap that dispenses hot, cold, and boiling water removes the need for a kettle.