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Winter Kitchen Ideas For Cosy Nights In

28 November 2023

It’s officially Winter, the season for making the most out of your home.

As the temperature takes a dip and the weather goes south, most people are swapping delightful days out with cosy nights in. The kitchen can play a key role in providing the much-needed warmth and nourishment that is required at this time of year. So here are a few inspiring ideas for getting cosy in your kitchen this Winter.


Spruce Up Your Interior

At this time of year, families spend a lot of time at home and often invite guests around to celebrate special occasions such as Christmas and the New Year. Therefore, adding some friendly, warm touches can help make your kitchen a bit more comforting this Winter.

Perhaps look at introducing some accessories with splashes of red, orange, or brown around the kitchen to evoke the feeling of warmth i.e., tea towels, potpourri etc. You could also create some winterly mood lighting by swapping out using the main room lights with the under-cabinet lighting. A few seasonal candles like cinnamon or spiced apple, can make the kitchen feel warm and homey as the aromas spread through the kitchen.



Tuck Into Your Favourite Dishes

When you’re combating the cold outside, there’s nothing more important than keeping warm with delicious hot meals. Whether its tasty soups or a full-blown roast, take the time in your kitchen to cook your favourite dishes to perfection. With Christmas around the corner too, supermarkets are stocked with incredible ingredients that will inspire you to cook up a warm winter dinner for the whole family.



Pass The Time With Home Activities

Speaking of cooking, why not invite the whole family to have a go at creating a lovely meal together. It’s a great way to pick everyone up on a dreary Winter day and have a great time. If the kids are desperate to get out into the snow, then why not whip up some hot chocolate for them to come in and warm their hands with. Make sure to let them decorate their hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream, or whatever toppings you can get your hands on for that added bit of excitement.

If you just want a bit of time to yourself then why not grab a blanket and read a book at your breakfast bar for a bit of peace and quiet or even to pass the time while waiting for something in the oven.



Redesign If You have The Time

If you are really looking to reinvent your kitchen this Winter and introduce a cosier colour palette then try incorporating darker colours such as Graphite, Slate Blue, or Heritage Green. Don’t forget to include touches of gold or oak to really express the warmth of your new kitchen. Extra features such as under cabinet lighting can also help create a more comfortable environment.

Try these décors out in our fantastic kitchen planner.

Alana Heritage Green shaker kitchen by The Kitchen Depot with seating area and wooden dining table. Kitchen Trends 2023.