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The 3 Kitchen Colours That Will Fall Out of Fashion in 2023

22 February 2023

Kitchen design, like many other facets of life, experiences changes in trends over time. We’ve already highlighted the Biggest and Best Kitchen Design Trends that 2023 has to offer.

Now we are looking at 3 Kitchen Colours that will we think will fall out of fashion in 2023.


All White

White has always been a such a popular and reliable kitchen décor, especially for those looking to achieve a very clean and bright environment. However, lately many homeowners have favoured either warmer or brighter colour palettes when designing their kitchen. The rise in popularity of dual tone designs has also contributed to the downfall of the all-white kitchen with touches of Blues, Greens and even Pinks being introduced to more and more kitchens every year.




Although it isn’t technically a colour, we also believe that Metallic kitchen décor are falling out of fashion this year. Like all-white kitchens, the metallic look can come across as very clinical and cold. The purpose of a kitchen has evolved over the years with many households looking to create a warm and welcoming space to dine, entertain, and more in. If that sounds like the kind of kitchen you are looking to create then we would recommend avoiding the likes of stainless-steel worktops and having metallic appliances, pots, pans etc., on display.

Run of Kendal shaker cabinets in Graphite with oven, made by The Kitchen Depot



Once a staple of kitchen design, wooden décor is no longer considered desirable. Whether it be Rustic or Farmhouse, this style of kitchen is being phased out in favour of more vibrant designs. Despite its homely appeals, many modern homeowners are taking a more modern and minimalistic approach to not only designing their kitchen. With less and less traditional style houses on the market, we don’t expect this to change anytime soon.