Christmas Recipes - Gingerbread biscuits

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Our 4 Favourite Festive Baking Ideas

6 December 2023

If you’re looking for another fun-filled, family activity this festive season, then why not try some of our favourite Christmas Recipes.


Christmas Tree Cupcakes

A classic family activity that makes it easy for the kids to get involved is decorating cupcakes. The beauty of Christmas is that there is so much great iconography for you to select as your cupcakes. A Snowman, Santa Claus, Reindeer etc., all fit the bill, but our personal favourite is a beautiful Christmas Tree.

Follow this simple recipe to create your very own Christmas tree cupcakes.



Merry Mince Pies

A more subtle and mature alternative you can try baking is a traditional Christmas mince pie. This sweet treat, originating here in the UK, is filled with mincemeat consisting of fruit, spices and suet. It was once believed that eating one mince pie a day in the lead up to Christmas brought you good luck in the New Year.

If you’re interested in making your own, discover this “unbelievably easy” mince pie recipe.



Perfect Christmas Puddings

Does it get any more traditional than the humble Christmas pudding? A Christmas Pudding has a sticky, dense sponge, much like a fruitcake. It is made from mixed dried fruit, candied fruit peel, apple, citrus juice, and zest. The addition of brandy and spices provide a deep, complex flavour and signature dark colour.

Follow this step by step recipe to bake your own classic Christmas pudding.

Christmas Recipes - Christmas Pudding


Jolly Gingerbread Biscuits

If you’re looking for something else that you can decorate with your family, then why not try your hand at making gingerbread biscuits. This is another one of our favourite Christmas recipes. You can shape your biscuits anyway you would like to help achieve your desired design.

Browse this fantastic decorative gingerbread biscuit recipe with a dash of cinnamon.

Christmas Recipes - Gingerbread biscuits