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Is Open Shelving in a Kitchen a Good Idea? Our Design Experts Give Their Thoughts

12 July 2023

Open shelving is a contentious facet of modern kitchen design. Some people will say that they prefer streamlined cabinetry that make your kitchen appear sleek with all your contents stored away only to be seen when required. However, many would argue that open shelving allows you to be more expressive with your kitchens presentation and inject your personality into the environment. 

We posed the questions to our Kitchen Design Experts to see what they had to say.

“Open shelving can be a stylish addition to any kitchen. However, it’s important in to consider the pros and potential cons to ensure this design choice doesn’t conflict with your lifestyle, cooking habits, and personal taste.” – Harriet, Telford

Maximising your Space

By comparison, open shelving doesn’t take up the same amount of wall space as traditional cabinetry. This can make your kitchen appear more spacious, which is particularly useful in smaller rooms. Open shelving is also a great way to utilise any odd spaces you may have. Open shelving can come in all shapes and sizes, often with the ability to be fitted into awkward areas. This allows you to truly maximise the storage capacity of your kitchen.

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Clutter or Creativity

As mentioned in the introduction, the most contentious aspect of open shelving is clutter vs creativity debacle. This may be down to personal preference of course but it can be argued that open shelving creates visible clutter. Even if you see shelf as a canvas to express yourself, you may consider the condition of the contents (i.e., chipped bowls, stained pots etc.) and/or if they coordinate with each other and the rest of your kitchen.

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Ease of Accessibility

The introduction of open shelving into your design can enhance your cooking experience and be a great time saver. Filling your shelves with popular utensils, cookbooks, or even commonly used ingredients where appropriate (i.e., spices) allow for easy access when carrying out a recipe. Similarly, putting your favourite crockery on display can be useful in a dinner party scenario for example where you easily grab and go.

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Constant Cleaning

A potential downside to open shelving is the constant upkeep. Like any open platform in your home, dust can quickly gather on your shelves. Therefore, regular dusting and cleaning is advised to ensure there isn’t a build-up. Keep this in mind when utilising the contents of shelving as well, so be sure to clean thoroughly before use.

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“Open shelving can be exactly what you need in your kitchen. I’m always recommending YouK shelving to our customers as an alternative storage solution.” – Anthony, Glasgow

Shelving by YouK

Compelling YouK open shelving creates a stripped back industrial feel to storage. A fully flexible storage offering that can be built out to your specifications and fit perfectly in any environment.

Infuse individuality in to your storage using a combination of stylish dressing like potted plants and ornaments to make this a key design feature in your home. Contact your local showroom today for more information.

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