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Our Complete Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

1 April 2023

Spring has finally sprung!

At this time of year, many of us take the time to give our homes a thorough clean. After all, there aren’t many better feelings than the satisfaction of having a spotless, well-organised house.

One area that may require a lot of work in is the kitchen. Perhaps you need to de-clutter your cabinets or maybe your surfaces need to be brought back to life. If that sounds slightly daunting then don’t worry, follow our guide on Spring cleaning your kitchen.

Preparation Is Key

It’s important to start off by ensuring you have all the right supplies to tackle the task ahead. Fortunately, you are likely to already own most of the cleaning equipment so it should be relatively inexpensive (unless you have never cleaned a day a in your life).

– Microfibre Cloths

– Multi-Purpose Spray

– Rubber Gloves

– Bin Bags

– A Mop

– A Vacuum Cleaner

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Creating Space

Before you can get into all the nooks and crannies that need cleaned, it would be wise to clear your worktops and cabinets of any contents. Not only does this allow you clean thoroughly but it also presents the opportunity to re-organise your cabinets and rid yourself of anything that is no longer required. Utilise your bin bags to throw out any out-of-date food or old utensils that have long been forgotten. Make sure to separate anything that can be donated or recycled as well. It is also important to empty your dishwasher at this stage too and place any dishes away in the correct place.

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Cabinets & Drawers

Now that your cabinets and drawers have been emptied, you can start the Spring cleaning process. Utilising your multi-purpose spray and microfibre cloth, wipe down your cabinets (including the hinges), clearing any marks and dust in the process. If there are any particularly greasy areas, then try using some warm, soapy water but be careful not to apply too much pressure in case you damage the material. If you are vertically challenged, then you may need the aforementioned step stool to reach the top of cabinets to give them a thorough dusting. Lastly, polish any handles for that extra shine.


Worktops & Splashbacks

Like with your cabinets, simply wipe down using your multi-purpose spray and microfibre cloth. However, be careful what spray you use. It is common to use a mix of water and vinegar as your spray when cleaning your kitchen, however, this could damage certain worktop materials such as granite. You also need to be careful when cleaning the splashbacks as materials such as marble or natural stone are also sensitive to vinegar solutions. Alternatively, warm soapy water will do the trick but make sure to get into the corners where grime could gather. Finish with a dry and polish.

Before returning things like fruit bowls, vases etc. to your worktop, ensure they have been efficiently dusted and cleaned so they don’t immediately undo the cleaning you have just undertaken.


Appliances & Flooring

As previously mentioned, you may need additional cleaning supplies depending on the appliances you have throughout your kitchen. This will likely include the likes of Fridge/Freezers, Ovens/Hobs, Dishwasher etc. However, a good place to start is pulling out any appliances that are moveable to clean and vacuum in behind them. Then using the appropriate cleaning measures, you can get into your appliances to remove any food or grime build up. In the interest of being thorough, attempt to clean the drain in your sink with a small brush and cleaning solution if possible.

As for your floors, ensure you have swept and vacuumed sufficiently before mopping. Pay attention to any stubborn marks that may require a bit of scrubbing and make sure to get into the corners too. Leave enough time to dry before applying any finishing touches.