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Bring your Dream Kitchen to Life with an Inspiring Mood Board

4 March 2023

When you’re thinking about a kitchen renovation, it can be hard to find the perfect style for you. With so many elements to consider, it can be challenging to bring together everything in one simple format.

An effective way to collate all the inspiring elements of your vision together is to create a Kitchen Mood Board.

Kitchen Mood Board

What is a kitchen mood board?

A kitchen mood board is a, physical or digital, collection of colours, patterns, textures, and images that inspire your design. This can consist of multiple samples of kitchen doors, accessories, flooring, and any other relevant aspects.

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This a great way to experiment with different elements and see how they work together in creating your perfect kitchen. You can also use your mood boards to effectively convey your vision to others, including the design experts at your local showroom.

Alana Heritage Green shaker kitchen by The Kitchen Depot with seating area and wooden dining table. Kitchen Trends 2023.

Kitchen Mood Board

Where do I begin?

Before you start putting a mood board together, it’s important to take time to research and gather ideas that pique your interest. Make sure to peruse a wide variety of media including interior design magazines, catalogues, online articles, Pinterest, Instagram, and of course other kitchen renovations. You can also browse our website to discover more kitchen designs, customer renovations, and discover the latest trends via our blog.

Kitchen Mood Board Zara Matte Indigo

When creating your mood board, it’s important to select a core element and build around it. Perhaps you have your eye on a certain door style or maybe the focal point of your dream kitchen is sensational marble worktops for example. From there, you can start to decide which décors, accessories, and other features work well with the basis of your design.


Kitchen Mood Board

What should I include?

As previously mentioned, once you have a core concept you can then start to look at additional features. Handles, lighting, decoration, and even appliances all play an important role in the presentation of your kitchen and defining your style.

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Experimenting with different colour palettes and textures is an essential part of mood-boarding process. Softer, light shades help make your kitchen appear to be bright and spacious while demonstrating more charm and character. On the other hand, darker colours evoke an air of sophistication and tend to be utilised in more modern kitchen designs. Depending on the layout of your home, you may consider incorporating existing colour palettes to streamline your interior.