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Kitchen Design Tips to Help Reduce Your Cost of Living

15 March 2023

When you’re designing a brand-new kitchen, it’s common practice to just to focus on the aesthetics and functionality. However, during the current cost of living crisis, you may consider how energy efficient your kitchen will be.

Here at The Kitchen Depot, we understand that everyone is looking to reduce their energy usage and keep those bills as low as possible. That’s why we’ve put together the following list of Kitchen Design Tips to help reduce your cost of living.

Let There Be Light

Maximise Natural Lighting

One of the easiest ways you can save money in your new kitchen is to make the most of natural lighting. You can achieve this by ensuring windows aren’t obstructed by plants, ornaments, or other unnecessary features so that there isn’t a need to use artificial lighting as often. You could even change the style of blinds in place for a more light friendly alternative.

If your kitchen is being fitted as part of a bigger renovation project, then this would be the perfect opportunity to ensure that your design will receive sufficient lighting via windows, glass doors or even a skylight if suitable.

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Making A Splash

Install A Boiling Water Tap

Another design aspect you may consider in your effort to combat the cost of living crisis is the implementation of a boiling water tap. On the surface, the purchase and installation of one of these products appears to be far more expensive than simply buying a kettle. However, they are actually more cost-effective long term as they can use up to 50% less energy than a kettle.

The Kitchen Depot is partnered with Quooker, the manufacturer of smart kitchen taps that dispense different types of water on command. You can learn more about Quooker hot taps here.


Two Birds, One Stone

Efficient Oven Usage

When it comes to choosing an Oven, consider your minimum requirements and needs. A big, powerful oven may be tempting but it may not be necessary, and you’ll be spending more money (purchase and energy) on something you won’t really use.

After cooking, try leaving your oven door open to help heat your home. Utilising the residual heat from your oven is a useful kitchen hack during the winter as this may cut down the need to turn your heating on. Therefore, reducing your cost of living.


Keeping It Fresh

Invest In Storage

Another great way to cut costs long term with your kitchen design is to invest in practical storage solutions. If you have a small kitchen space you may already need to maximise your storage and consider implementing tall gate larders, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and large pull-out drawers. These features combined with nestable containers for example can help you properly organise your food etc., to ensure you are keeping them fresh and to consume them before their use by date. This will help reduce the cost of your food shopping.

You can learn about more stylish storage solutions in our 5 Storage Tips to Maximise Your Space article.

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