Kitchen Trends 2023. Clara Heritage Green Pantry.


Kitchen Storage Tips: The Perfect Pantry

18 April 2024

A luxurious kitchen pantry is one of the most sought after features of a modern interior. Easy on the eye, these stylish storage solutions allow you to maximise the space in your kitchen. No more cluttered shelves, extra worktop space, and having all your essentials in one handy place are just a few of the benefits. To achieve the perfect pantry, browse our top storage tips.

Consider Your Needs

First and foremost, it is important to consider your needs when introducing a pantry to your kitchen. Every household has a different set of requirements. In 2024, the purpose of a kitchen has evolved beyond simply being a place to cook. The kitchen can now be a place to entertain, socialise, and work in as well as preparing dishes.

Once you have taken into account all your needs, you can start to structure your pantry accordingly. By utilising the typical mix of shelving, drawers, and racks you can tailor pantry to cater for ingredients, equipment, and appliances.

Camden Fir Green

The Appliance Hub

Speaking of appliances, a popular pantry design trend includes an area for small appliances. The likes of coffee machines, toasters etc., can make your kitchen appear cluttered and can take up worktop space that could be better used as an extra food preparation area. A better place for such appliances would be hidden away in your pantry that still allows for easy access.

You can utilise a section of the pantry, commonly at worktop level, to house all of these appliances. Incorporating a power outlet will make your life so much easier as your appliances will be fully operational without having to remove them from the pantry. When you’re finished using your nifty gadgets, simply close your pantry doors to maintain your clean, uncluttered interior.

Clara Heritage Green & Porcelain
Kitchen Trends 2023. Clara Heritage Green Pantry.

Utilise Door Space

One commonly overlooked feature of a kitchen pantry is additional storage space offered from the doors. In a traditional pantry, shelving and storage racks can be implemented on the inside to give you room for storing the likes of bottles, jars etc.

We would recommend utilising this space for spices as it’s convenient to grab when cooking a hearty meal. However, every individual will have their own idea of what makes their perfect pantry. It is also important make sure to consider the material of your storage solution as they may be suited to holding a more appropriate group of items.

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Benefits Of Butler

In order to realise the dream of having the perfect pantry, you may opt for a more expansive option. Traditionally, a butler pantry is a smaller area or walk-in space ideal for storage with the capabilities for floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and extra worktop space.

With this much space, you can carefully organise the contents of your pantry. Group items together such as different foods, spices, equipment, appliances etc., and arrange in a way that makes them the most accessible. If you do have additional worktop space, then ensure everything is clear enough for the meal preparation activities you intend to carry out.

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Pull Out Variation

We know that not everyone has the space in their home for the luxurious free standing pantry we all desire. A space saving alternative to the traditional kitchen pantry is a pull out storage solution similar to the one pictured. This allows for easy access to all your items and saves stretching to the back of your cupboards.

This LINEA tall gate larder maintains the secrecy of your contents, while gliding open and closed, silent and easy, thanks in part to the full extension with shock absorption and self-closure. Maximising your space from floor-to-ceiling has never been easier.

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Linea Handleless kitchen in Matte Black