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Our 5 Favourite Family Friendly Kitchen Ideas

3 July 2024

As a local, family-owned kitchen showroom, we understand the value of designing a space that is suitable for everyone in your home. Browse 5 of our favourite family friendly kitchen ideas today.


Incorporate Seating

A family friendly kitchen isn’t complete with a seating area where everyone can gather to enjoy each other’s company. Dining, entertaining, remote working, carrying out homework, or engaging in a casual catch up with close friends and family, are all functions of a modern day kitchen space. You can achieve this by adding stools to your kitchen island, create a peninsula breakfast bar, or even by adding a dining table if space allows.



Maximise Storage

Having access to ample storage in your kitchen is of the utmost importance, particular when servicing a large family. Consider designing tall, floor-to-ceiling units that allow you to maximise the space available while incorporating built-in smart storage solutions such as pull out pantry shelves. This will keep your worktops clutter free while ensuring your contents are organised and easily accessible. Consider the following smart storage ideas for more inspiration.

Made for a lifetime The Kitchen Depot TV ad shoot featuring a mother and two children in the heart of the home, a kitchen.


Health & Safety

When running a busy household with multiple children running around, health and safety can be a concern. With this in mind, consider designing a space with reduced risks such as rounded edges and flooring materials that reduce the risk of slipping. You may also consider opting for a handleless design to stop anyone snagging on handless. You can also fit cabinets and drawers with childproof locks to limit access to potentially harmful items like sharp utensils, cleaning supplies etc.



Plentiful Workspace

In a busy family home, the kitchen can become a hectic area, especially when being utilised for multiple purposes. To make life easier, ensure there are separate work spaces for food preparation, cooking, dining, and washing up. This will hopefully ease congestion and increase the efficiency throughout the kitchen allowing everyone to work in harmony. Learn about the Golden Triangle for advice on creating an efficient kitchen environment.



Child Friendly Features

After your kitchen is designed and fully fitted, you can accessorise with small touches to make your kitchen more of a family hub. If your space can accommodate, the installation of a television or interactive tablet is a great way to occupy the kids while you cook. This can also be useful for following recipes or carrying out family activities. You may also consider attaching a whiteboard to your fridge to help plan your week i.e., meal prep, child hobbies, shopping list etc.