What is the Golden Triangle? Kitchen Design Tips

20 February 2024

Have you ever heard of the “Golden Triangle?” This kitchen design concept has been around forever but do you understand what it is? Why its useful? And is it relevant in 2024?

What is the Golden Triangle?

The Golden Triangle refers to a kitchen appliance layout principle that advocates dividing your space into three core working areas. Your sink, fridge, and hob should be carefully placed to form a triangle in your kitchen. Often referred to as The Kitchen Triangle, this concept was developed in 1940s as a cost cutting measure and has played a major role in kitchen design over the years.

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What is its purpose?

The purpose of the Golden Triangle is to allow you to undertake any task without facing obstruction. Cooking, storing, and cleaning is in theory quicker and easier. Regardless of your standing, the triangle formation offers an easy route to each key appliance, maximising efficiency.

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The Golden Triangle in 2024?

Although the triangle was an innovative design concept, it could be argued that it is less applicable in 2024. The kitchen is no longer a place to simply prepare meals, it has evolved to become a key living space in the home. The kitchen is a place to cook in, watch TV in, entertain in, play in, work in and everything else in between. With so much more functionality, the principles of this system become less relevant.

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Do our designers use it?

At The Kitchen Depot, our designers take into account the core principles of the Golden Triangle when designing, to ensure that each kitchen is functional as well as stylish. The rise in popularity of open-plan living, multi-functional space and smarter storage allows our designers to unleash their creativity and use the triangle principles to create something truly beautiful. Visit your local showroom today for more information.

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