Pancake Day 2024: The Complete Guide

8 February 2024

Pancake Day

A History Lesson

Traditionally known as Shrove Tuesday, this great occasion has been celebrated in the UK for a few hundred years. It always takes place 47 days before Easter Sunday and symbolises the last day of indulging in food before fasting begins on Ash Wednesday. The Pancake Day we know, and love today evolved from the using up of ingredients such as eggs and fats before Lent in Anglo-Saxon times before being adapted. Back in those days, Christians went to confession on the Tuesday and were absolved of their sins, or “shriven” hence the name Shrove Tuesday. Borrowed from an old Pagan festival, the humble pancake was introduced as representation of the sun at the beginning of Spring.


Pancake Day

Making Your Pancakes

Making pancakes in your kitchen is fantastic fun for all the family and gives everyone a chance to show off their flipping skills. The great thing about pancakes is you can make a substantial amount quickly and with some very simple ingredients. To make enough pancakes for the whole family you will need roughly 8oz of plan flour, 2 large eggs, 300ml pint of milk and salt.

Mix all your ingredients together in a bowl and whisk well to create a smooth batter.

Set it aside for half an hour before adding to frying pan with a little heated oil.

Cook on both sides until they are both golden-brown before serving. Don’t forget to give them a good flip as it’s all part of the fun.

Pancake Day 1

Pancake Day

Our Favourite Toppings

Another brilliant thing about pancakes is they can be catered to everyone’s taste. You can even experiment with different toppings as you may even have enough mix for another 1 or 2 pancakes. The standard pancake topping is caster sugar with a few drops of lemon juice or perhaps syrup. However, there are many combinations of toppings that go well with your pancakes. Why not try some of our favourite pancake toppings: Nutella & Banana, Blueberry & Honey, Strawberries & Whipped Cream, and even Bacon & Egg for savoury twist.