What Your Favourite Kitchen Colour Says About You?

15 February 2024

Have you ever wondered what your favourite Kitchen Colour says about you? Here is what our expert designers had to say.

White Kitchen

Wonderful White

For a long time, White was one of the most popular décors in all of kitchen design. Not only does it make your environment appear clean and bright but it also helps create the illusion of space.

If you’re a fan of White kitchens then it can be said that you’re attracted to minimalism and value an interior that is easy to maintain.

Zara Handleless Matte White
Fusion Studio TIFF File

Green Kitchen

Glorious Green

Green is one of the hottest kitchen colours of the 2020s. We love exploring the rich, earthy tones the Green colour palette has to offer. Hues such as Deep Forest highlight the natural element of Green while a tone like Citrus embodies refreshing, energetic qualities.

Green kitchen lovers are known to be in touch with nature, healthy, and desire a space that exudes positivity.

Camden Fir Green

Blue Kitchen

Brilliant Blue

Blue is a diverse colour that works across so many different styles of kitchen. There a variety of Blue décors that are suitable for both classic shaker and modern slab door styles, from smart Indigo to playful Pantry Blue.

If your favourite kitchen colour is Blue then you could be a relaxed, mature individual seeking a perfectly balanced design.

Fiorenza Slate Blue
Firoenza shaker kitchen door in Indigo blue is showcased in this kitchen design, showing the doors in a kitchen design created by The Kitchen Depot. Theres is an island with white worktops and 3 stools.

Pink Kitchen

Picturesque Pink

Pink is really catching on as one of kitchen designs more adventurous options. Not only does this décor really pop from an aesthetics point of view, but Pink is very uplifting and helps create a welcoming environment.

The owner of a Pink kitchen can be described as being in touch with their femininity while seeking a nurturing, warm space that encapsulates their personality.

Madison Vintage Pink & Slate Blue

Grey Kitchen

Graceful Grey

Grey is one of the most popular and versatile décors available today. Not only are shades of Grey calming, but they provide an excellent neutral platform for experimenting with other colours. Many of our dual tone designs rely on the steady base provided by Light Grey doors.

Reliable and trustworthy would be appropriate adjectives for people who opt for a Grey kitchen. They enjoy sensible design principles that prioritise functionality and style.

Zara Handleless Gloss Dust Grey

Black Kitchen

Bold Black

Darker tones such as Black and Graphite Grey are associated with sophisticated, modern kitchens. These designs often require a spacious environment with plenty of access to natural lighting to ensure they aren’t overwhelming.

Many believe that Black kitchens are a little daring and present quite striking visuals, however, that may just suit your personality. Homeowners that opt for a dark design are often bold, confident, and have a flair for the dramatic.

Linea Matte Black