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4 Inspirational Design Tips for a Summer Kitchen

6 June 2023

Kick off Summer by giving your kitchen a new lease of life. By incorporating the following design features, you can create a bright and hospitable environment for the whole family.

1. Kitchen Colours

Introduce Summer Colour Palettes

One of simplest ways to create a Summer inspired kitchen is by utilising some of seasons most recognisable colours. It goes without saying that dark tones, such as black and graphite, should be avoided when trying to brighten up your kitchen. Instead, why not consider bright blues, sunny yellows, and of course sparkling white. Whether you’re going all the way with a complete kitchen renovation or just looking to add a few splashes to your existing design, these colours are perfect for achieving the desired visual.


2. Clean Kitchen

Keep Your Kitchen Clean & Tidy

Summertime is always associated to with clear skies and clean air. These qualities need to be reflected in your kitchen. That’s why it is important to keep on top of your cleaning and ensure clutter doesn’t arise. If you need advice on how to tackle this job, then read the guide on Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen we published earlier this year. However, if you feel overwhelmed with the contents of your kitchen then perhaps a wise investment would be smart storage solutions. Practical and discreet, our Linea collection offers an array of stylish storage options that make the most of your space.


3. Kitchen Worktops

Sparkling White Worktops

White is one of the most popular colours used in kitchen designs today. Whether it be on doors, appliances, or other features, white evokes a sense of cleanliness and always looks new. Another common use of white in the kitchen is on worktops. Materials such as quartz, marble and laminate are robust and easy to clean as well as stylish. It’s ability to reflect the light entering the room and make your kitchen appear bigger means that it’s ideal for the Summer.



4. Kitchen Accessories

Accessorise With Kitchen Plants

This is the perfect time of year to introduce flowers to your kitchen. The simple addition of a flower filled vase is all that is required to bring that extra bit of Summer into your home. The most suitable way to display flowers in a kitchen would be to create a stylish centrepiece on an island. However, not everyone has this luxury so pottering 1 or 2 smaller plants around your kitchen can have a similar effect.

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