Hartford handleless graphite grey shaker kitchen made by The Kitchen Depot front view with dining table. Dark colour pallettes


5 Dark Colour Palette Tips for Your New Kitchen

28 July 2023

Over the years, kitchen design trends have moved away all white and wooden décor that could be found in nearly every kitchen across the country. Nowadays, we design kitchens with a diverse range of décor across multiple styles. One trend that has increased in popularity is the integration of dark colour palettes. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, then consider our top 5 tips for your new kitchen.  


It’s not all doom and gloom

One of the most important things to remember when utilising dark colour palettes is that it doesn’t mean your kitchen needs to be dim. Maximise the natural light entering your kitchen where possible to brighten your design. You can accomplish this by ensuring there are no obstructions to windows and other openings. There is also the option to style your kitchen with unique lighting fixtures that can enhance the sophistication of your design.

Hartford Graphite
Hartford handleless graphite grey shaker kitchen made by The Kitchen Depot front view with dining table. Dark colour pallettes


Colour is welcome

When dark colour palettes are mentioned in relation to kitchen design, people often mistakenly limit themselves to shades of Grey and Black. In fact, there are a variety of interesting hues of on trend colours such as Green, Blue, and more that work in a darker environment. This Sienna Matte design makes excellent use of Deep Forest Green to create a kitchen that combines the appeals of a dark design with the positive connotations associated with the use of Green décor.

Sienna Matte Deep Forest
Sienna Matte j handle door kitchen in Deep Forest Green. Dark Colour palette


All about the island

Usually found in large, open-plan kitchens, the island plays an important role with the additional space being paramount in food preparation, dining, socialising, and more. There are many benefits, both practically and aesthetically, to incorporating an island into your kitchen design. One of the key benefits of having a kitchen island is that it becomes the focal point of the environment from where you can build outward. Try pairing dark tones, such as Graphite and Indigo, with lighter wall units to effectively pull off this look.

Alana Heather & Light Grey


Two complimentary tones

Speaking of pairing light and dark tones, have you considered the benefits of a Dual Tone design? If you aren’t committed to a full dark colour palette, then maybe choosing two complimentary tones is the perfect solution for you. If you don’t have an island, then you can still complete a dual tone design by using one colour on your base units and another on your cabinets up top. Browse our “Why Choose a Dual Tone Kitchen” article for more information on this fantastic design trend.

Zara Handleless Gloss Porcelain & Graphite


Choose contemporary style

Dark colour palettes can be utilised across multiple kitchen styles, however, where they truly shine is in more contemporary designs. Naturally, darker tones in a kitchen derive connotations of luxury and sophistication. This is even more evident in contemporary designs where there is an emphasis on clean, un-interrupted lines and a clutter free environment. Discover our Linea collection for more stylish and sophisticated modern kitchen designs.

Linea Graphite
LINEA Handleless in Matte Graphite - The Kitchen Depot