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The Kitchen and Home Office Hybrid: A Space Saving Solution

10 July 2023

In recent years, the number of people working remotely from the comfort of their homes has increased dramatically. However, not everyone has a spare room that doubles as a home office space.

A great solution for this issue is to utilise your kitchen as your workspace. Kitchens are perfect for working from home due to having vas work surfaces, lighting, storage and electrical outlets at your disposal. Learn more about the effective space saving solution that is the kitchen and home office hybrid.

Maximise your space

When integrating a home office into your kitchen, it’s important to think about maximising your space. Find that unused area and start planning how you can transform it into a workspace. One solution that could suit your space is adding a desk and shelving that is consistent with your kitchen cabinetry. Find a chair that’s comfortable, but not too big for your space to complete your hybrid set-up.


Utilise your table or island

If integrating a full home office into your kitchen isn’t a viable option for you then you will need somewhere else to carry out your work. An obvious place to start would be to work from your dining table or kitchen island. Both should provide you with plenty of space to carry out your day-to-day but make sure you have plenty of light and electrical sockets nearby.


Think about storage

Spreading all your essential work items across the table may be okay when you are in the middle of the day, but when it’s time to clock off that kitchen space will probably be needed again for its primary purpose. Therefore, you will need to make sure you have suitable storage solutions.

Why not invest in a Tall Gate Larder which is perfect for keeping all your items together in an easily accessible location. Alternatively, YOUK shelving offers fully flexible storage solutions that can fit your specifications and match any environment. Stylish and practical, both are the perfect design features for your home.

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Linea Light grey home office with computer and books